Why Do You Need To Check Your Police Record?

Why Do You Need To Check Your Police Record?

If you have previously been arrested, but you have been acquitted or the judge issued a not guilty, you might think that all is well. It might, but it might not be as some records may still be in your criminal record and can affect your employability. A police record or a criminal record is a list of all the criminal activities that a person committed and submitted by local, state and federal government agency. Depending on where the illegal activities was committed and the responsible agency some past criminal activities as well as acquitted charges will still reflect when a criminal background check is performed.

Why do you get a Request for a Criminal or Police Record

Various agencies and companies ask a copy of one’s criminal record especially employers in the financial or vulnerable sector. Aside from this, one might also require to provide a copy if they intend to purchase firearms or military services. One would also need to provide a copy if they are planning to adopt or foster a child. This would ensure that the child would be safe in the foster home; he or she will be place.

How to Request for a Copy

If you are interested to check your own criminal history, you can visit your local police department and request for one. This type of records are restricted and can only be access by the government, certain agencies as well as the person itself. In certain instances, some information maybe made available to the public by the government. A criminal record is different from a background check, as a criminal record would provide the person requesting any information about any arrest or convictions as well as probation and sentence. A background check on the other hand might involve a person’s status, credit report and other basic information. Some states use the two interchangeably and therefore, it is important to ask before consenting to the request.

Aside from the local department, one might also request from the State Department or the FBI if one is residing in US. One may also order a copy online from third-party companies. Do note that these companies can legally provide such services however; the information provided depends on what the State and Federal government allow.

If you find yourself having a positive criminal record and your activities might affect your employability, you can contact the local police department if your case is eligible for an expungement especially if it is a juvenile case. You can also contact a lawyer specializing on criminal records to get help with sealing your case.