After an Accident, Claim Compensation

Despite the popular saying, it is very rare that “accidents just happen”; it is more often the case that an accident, resulting in injury to an innocent victim, is the result of some other party’s failure of their duty of care. In other words, another party is frequently responsible for the damage and injury caused. Once that liability is established, it is open to the victim of the accident to claim compensation.

Accidents can come in all shapes and sizes, of course, and the underlying negligence or liability of the responsible party, therefore, is similarly diverse. Consider some of the following examples of accidents most commonly resulting in personal injury:

  • road traffic accidents – this is perhaps the most common scenario in which most of us envisage suffering some form of personal injury. The cause of most road traffic accidents, of course, can often be fairly readily established and frequently point to a failure in the duty of care owed by another road-user. If you are the blameless victim, you might well be looking for accident claim compensation advice;
  • whiplash and head injuries are often sustained in road traffic accidents and may typically require long-running and potentially costly medical care and attention – not to mention time off work, loss of earnings, and distress. The compensation you could win from the party responsible for the accident, therefore, is designed to redress your loss and suffering;
  • but traffic accidents are by no means the only way in which other people’s negligence can cause injury and suffering. The supermarket that fails to warn shoppers of a slippery floor, for example, can be liable for any injuries you sustain in a fall. Once again, you could be grateful for the accident claim compensation advice that sees you awarded the damages you are due;
  • the architect you employ to design an extension to your home has a professional duty of care to ensure that the building is safe. He or she may be guilty of professional negligence if some fault in the design of the construction results in your being injured in the new living space. In the event of such a mishap, you may be entitled after an accident to claim compensation.

If you have suffered from an injury that was not your fault, we will look at your injury claim or sainsbury accident claims and assess your claim with a view to taking it on a No Win, No Fee basis.